Tit4Tat (part 1)

Just read Mark Cuban‘s Huffington Post contribution from his Blog (part 1) about where we stand today relative to 2008, when Obama was running for his first term. He is not the first to compare our perceptions of the market from 2008 with today’s. To me, this seems to be part of the problem; that comparison metrics like the one used by Mark Cuban should not be more relavant than say: how many fourth graders can correctly name the capital of Spain.

After all, if you ask me why I voted for Obama, it was quite simply because I thought he had international credibility and understanding that McCain lacked or at the very least that international perceptions would have just seen another gun loving American that does not stand for the diversity of the US. The melting pot or salad bowl; however you see it, is what makes the US such a great place.

Part of what happened in 2007-2009 is the result of poor decision making from powerful financiers and the inability for former US economic drivers to remain competitive in current landscapes. Greed also further pushed the economy towards the brink, from the bankers who extended credit against better judgment, to the people who bet too much on the future profits of the next big thing.

Yes, we are all sick of the tit4tat, “you suck, no you suck more” and so on. What we should not be sick of, Democrats like Republicans, are broken commitments, the “you said you were going to do this, but didn’t.” The President, of all people, needs to be accountable to the people. As soon as the President can come forth with their safeties to a society that can forgive imperfection, embrace it, then and only then will have made progress. Instead we have left wingers and right wingers alike calling for extreme measures that are not healthy for the country. If we would impeach the president for the consequences of a blow job, well then it would only seem logical that greater transgressions should be punished more drastically, and this is not healthy either way.

We need to be able to come forth with our mistakes, make commitments to fix them and always honor the commitments we make. If we can successfully do that, then we have a chance of success and saving our nation that was once great from the mediocrity we are currently living.

All that being said, I simply cannot vote for a person that would rather expense $40k+ of tanning services over giving money back to the American people, whom it is EVERYONE’s job to serve –  a president even more so.


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